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Case Study: FE Analysis & Calibration of a Control Pedal

D.A.T.S. Ltd was required to instrument the pedal in such a manner as to be able to measure separately the vertical, lateral and twist forces applied to it in operation. Due to the complexity of the moulding it was not immediately apparent where the strain gauges should be placed to best effect.

ABMech created a very detailed finite element model and extracted a set of stress contours and strain tensor plots for each unit load case.

By carefully studying the principal strain plots from the finite element analysis ABMech was able to recommend to D.A.T.S. Ltd the best positions and orientations to apply the strain gauges.
The strain-gauged pedal was calibrated by D.A.T.S. Ltd and strain measurements were recorded during simulated service conditions. Finally, the measured strain time histories were converted into forces using a matrix derived by ABMech.
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