ABMech Design & Analysis Ltd
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ABMech Design & Analysis Ltd.

ABMech Design and Analysis Limited (ABMech) is a mechanical engineering consultancy company providing services in the fields of stress, structural and thermal analysis, employing both classical and finite element methods.

The company can also advise on experimental studies and product testing programmes, working in close partnership with an appropriate specialised testing organisation.

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Company Experience

ABMech directors are professional mechanical engineers with a combined experience of over 40 years in industry.

During this time they have conducted projects involving theoretical stress and structural analysis, fatigue life assessment, computer-aided design, experimental stress analysis, heat transfer analysis, problem-solving studies and qualification testing.

This wealth of practical experience allows ABMech to provide clients with advice and guidance for solving in-service problems or optimising designs quickly and efficiently.

Examples of Services
  • Design feasibility studies.
  • Finite element stress analysis.
  • Test procedures and quality plans.
  • 2D and 2D Computer-aided design (CAD).
  • Linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM).
  • Classical analysis and hand calculations methods.
  • Structural component design optimisation using CAE.
  • Rapid prototyping.
  • Eigenvalue/eigenvector solutions in vibration analysis.
  • Fatigue life extension work.
  • Design consultancy and audits.
  • Vibration/response spectrum analysis, including seismic studies.
  • Bespoke special transducers.
  • Steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis; radiation, convection, conduction, combined.
  • Geometric and material non-linear static and dynamic analysis.
  • Test fixture design.
  • Formal reports and presentations.
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Our Standards and Training

As finite element analysis is a job for those with training and experience, ABMech Design and Analysis Ltd is a member of NAFEMS Ltd, which sets the standards for good practise in CAE, and has adopted the NAFEMS Quality System Supplement to BS EN ISO 9001, relating to design and assessment of engineered products.