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Engineering analysis

ABMech provides stress, structural and thermal analysis using both classical and finite element methods.

Engineering problems that are linear in nature and relatively simple in geometry can be addressed at lower cost by using classical methods such as spreadsheet analysis or hand calculations based on established formulae.

For more complex problems, including those that have degrees of non-linearity, it becomes necessary to employ computer aided engineering (CAE) in the form of the finite element analysis method (FEA).

Our engineering analysis services include:

  • finite element stress analysis
  • linear elastic fracture mechanics (LEFM)
  • classical analysis and hand calculations methods
  • eigenvalue/eigenvector solutions in vibration analysis
  • vibration/response spectrum analysis, including seismic studies
  • steady-state and transient heat transfer analysis; radiation, convection, conduction, combined
  • geometric and material non-linear static and dynamic analysis.

Complex finite element analysis is a job for those with training and experience. ABMech Design and Analysis Ltd is proud of its good working practices; operating checking processes in according with the requirements of BS EN 9001 in relation to design and assessment of engineered products.