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Testing consultancy

A powerful method of solving engineering problems is to combine the insights gained by using modern analysis tools with a testing programme.

Finite element modelling is used to guide the instrumentation process, and the results obtained from the testing data are able to validate the model. The model can be used to relate the data collected from strategically-placed reference strain gauges to the strain distribution within the entire structure. This allows more information to be drawn from the test data than would otherwise be possible, including the stresses within any critical areas, which are typically inaccessible to strain-gauging.

We work in close partnership with specialist testing company DATS Ltd to offer our clients a complete "one-stop" solution. Together, we can manage testing programmes and carry out post-processing of measured data, including converting voltage or strain measurements into design information using appropriate analysis methods.

Our testing consultancy services include:

  • test procedures and quality plans
  • optimisation of transducer placement
  • correlation of test and analysis data
  • bespoke transducer design
  • in-house rain-flow fatigue data analysis