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Testing Consultancy

Combining the use of modern analysis tools with a testing programme is a powerful method for problem-solving. The finite element model is used to guide the instrumentation process and the results obtained from the testing data validate the model.

Further to this the finite element model is used to relate the stresses in critical areas during the test to the data collected from selected strain gauges strategically located in reference positions, thereby allowing more information to be gleaned from the test data.

ABMech Design and Analysis Limited works in close partnership with a specialised testing company (D.A.T.S. Ltd.) to offer a complete "one-stop" solution. We can manage testing programmes and carry out specialised post-processing of measured data files, for example, converting voltage or strain measurements into design information using classical or finite element analysis.

We can also process fatigue data to calculate the predicted operational lifetime of a product using either NCode® or our own in-house rain-flow analysis software ABCascade.